Maze & Labyrinth Games (including Toptafel)

Maze & Labyrinth Games (including Toptafel)

All of these games involve moving balls/tops through a maze of holes to score points.

Good dexterity skills are required but they are great fun for all ages.


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Mega Climbing Maze - freestanding

Mega Climbing Maze Wall - freestanding

Freestanding mega version of Climbing Maze involving moving a ball up the side of a wall, avoiding holes in order to reach the destination.

Tabletop Climbing Maze

Table-top Climbing Maze

The tabletop Climbing Maze involves moving a ball up the side of a wall full of holes, trying to avoid the holes in order to reach the destination.

Buy Labyrinth Game - Wooden Puzzle Maze Game

Philos Labyrinth Puzzle Game

Labyrinth - large wooden version of classic game whereby you have to get the ball around the maze to the centre without falling into the holes.

Buy Skittles and Top game, Table Toupie, Toptafel

Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)

This Toptafel skittles game, also known as Table Toupie. Spin the top to knock over the skittles. Hand-crafted in the US from tulip poplar wood.

Quoridor Game - Gigamic Games Quoridor Classic

Quoridor Classic

Quoridor by Gigamic Games, a brilliant game of strategy for two players. Navigate through the maze your opponent creates to win. low price, quick dispatch.

Crazy Coordination Game Multiplayer Labyrinth Game

Crazy Coordination Game

A large, multiplayer labyrinth type game that requires teamwork. The crazy Coordination game is great fun for the whole family.


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