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Bowls Equipment


Bowls Equipment

No need to spend time searching for the best Bowls equipment. Masters Games sources from the oldest and most reputable companies in the trade - in this case, mainly from Drakes Pride, the leading Bowls brand for many decades.

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The Origin of Bowls

Bowls historians often assert that bowls developed from the Egyptians although this is a somewhat dubious theory, we believe. What is fairly certain is that the oldest English Bowls green is in Southampton where records show that the green has been in operation since 1299 although there are other unproven claims of greens being in use before that time.

King Henry VIII was a lawn bowler but he did attempt to prevent the general populace from enjoying the game too - forbidding anyone to "play at any bowle or bowles in open space out of his own garden or orchard". In 1845, the ban was lifted, and people were again allowed to play bowls and other games of skill.

Nowadays, Bowls is a very popular world sport. Lawn Bowls and Indoor Bowls are recognised International sports with organising bodies at all levels. Crown Green Bowls is not quite as big but is still a major pastime for thousands of people around many parts of the North of England and other areas of the British Isles. There are two modern indoor versions of bowls too - Shortmat Bowls and Carpet Bowls. These are up and coming and there are signs that other countries outside of Britain are taking up these new sports. Finally, Table Bowls appears to have turned up in the 19th century around the Carlisle area. A niche sport, but it has spread as far afield as Australia and New Zealand...

You can learn more about the Bowls from from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.

Related Products

Carpet Bowls - Mats, Bowls and Jacks for Carpet Bowls

Set of 4 Drakes Pride biased Carpet Bowls (two pairs)

A range of sensibly priced Carpet Bowls Equipment including mat, middle block and the carpet bowls themselves.

Home Carpet Bowls Indoor Bowls for Home Use Table Bowls

Set of 2.5 inch Banda Home Carpet Bowls

Home Carpet Bowls Sets and Table Bowls. Miniaturised bowls designed to be played on the carpet in your home or on a Billiards table.

Buy Indoor Bowls and Indoor Bowls Accessories

Set of 4 Drakes Pride biased Carpet Bowls (two pairs)

Wide selection of all Drakes Pride indoor bowls plus a great selection of bowls accessories and rink equipment

Short Mat Bowls Short Mat Bowls Carpets & Equipment

Drakes Pride Short Mat Bowls Starter Kit

Great range of Short Mat Bowls carpets & equipment including mats, jacks, fenders, Short Mat Bowls starter packages & much more.

Crown Green Bowls Equipment Drakes Pride Bowls

Drakes Pride Richmond Crown Green Bowls (pair, without grips)

Large selection of Drakes Pride Crown Green Bowls plus a wide selection of Crown Green Bowls accessories to buy.

Drakes Pride Table Bowls | 2 inch and 2 & 1/4 inch Table Bowls

Table Bowls - 2 inch set. 4 pairs with jack and hardwood chute

Drakes Pride Table Bowls. A skilful pub game for two players, designed to be played on a billiards table or other flat surface, two sizes available

Buy Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls

Drakes Pride Fineline bowls (set of 4, gripped, black, heavyweight)

Fantastic selection of all Drakes Pride lawn bowls plus a wide selection of bowls accessories and rink equipment

New Age Street Bowls - Rubber Bowls for Casual Play

Street Bowls Bag Set

New Age Street Bowls are shaped like traditional bowls but are much lighter. Made from an innovative rubber compound they can be played anywhere.

Rink Accessories for Lawn Bowls & Crown Green Bowls

Official Drakes Pride Umpires Kit in Attache Case

Accessories for Lawn Bowls rinks - Bowls gatherers, scoreframes and scoreboards, bowls foot mats, rink protectors etc.

Buy Jacks for Lawn Bowls & Crown Green Bowls

Standard Outdoor Yellow Lawn Bowls Jack (63-64mm, approx. 266g)

Shop now for Jacks for all types of bowls at excellent prices - lawn bowls, indoor bowls and extra heavy short mat Jacks.

Drakes Pride Supalock 9 feet Bowls Measures

Drakes Pride Supalock 9 feet string measure with calipers and belt clip. Colour: Green

Drakes Pride Bowls Measures, Supalock a 9 feet string measure, has calipers & belt clip, red, navy, blue, green, pink or blue.

Bowls Polishing Kit

Bowls Polishing Kit

Bowls Polishing Kit, includes Grip Tight Bowls Wax & Polish, polishing sleeveBowls Sheen cleaning compound & 4 Bowls Identification Markers

Bowls Target Mat by Drakes Pride

Target Bowls Diamond Mat (4 x 4 feet)

Reinforced vinyl, 4 foot square Bowls Target Mat, for practice or target competitions. Also popular at fund-raising events/fairs. In Sets of 2, 6 & 12

Drakes Pride Bowls - Lawn & Crown Green Bowls - Low Prices

Drakes Pride Fineline bowls (set of 4, gripped, black, heavyweight)

All Drakes Pride lawn bowls at inexpensive prices. Drakes Pride Professional, Advantage, Fineline, Jazz as well as Crown Green bowls

Bowls Bags - Carriers for Lawn Bowls & Crown Green Bowls

Bowls Bags

A range of quality bowls bags, bowls carriers and bowls trolley bags for Lawn Bowls, Indoor Bowls & Crown Green bowls, all at low prices.

Bowls Lifter, Arms & Walking Stick. Buy Disabled Bowls Equipment

Bowlers Folding Walking Stick

Aids for disabled/elderly players. Lawn Bowling Arm in 4 sizes. Bowls & Jack lifters 2 versions available. Folding walking stick with a wide base.

Lawn Bowls related Gifts, Presents & Presentation Packs

Clock set into a Lignum Vitae Bowl

Gifts and Presents relating to the sport of Bowls. Including Drakes Pride bowls Gift Packs and novelty bowls gifts

Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls Gatherers

Bowls Gatherer

Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls Gatherer. Easy bowls collecting with this smooth-rolling gatherer. Soft bound hoop to protect bowls, runs on 3 rollers.

Pack of 20 Chalk Spray

Pack of 20 Chalk Spray

Pack of 20 individual canisters of Drakes Pride white chalk spray. Easily mark without touching or moving the bowl.

Bowlswear - Bowls Clothing - Ladies, Gents & Unisex

Draytex Unisex Waterproof Trousers - size MEDIUM

Shop now for quality ladies, gents and unisex bowlswear. Premium brand clothing for playing Bowls, including waterproofs. Quick dispatch & top service.

Drakes Pride Bowls Footmats & Footers

Regulation Bowls Foot Mats (pair, black with white border)

From Drakes Pride, robust, rubber, regulation Lawn and Crown Green bowls mats / footers. Range of colours available. Low prices & quick dispatch.


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