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Quality Chess Sets, Chessboards & Chessmen - Unusual Chess Sets

Tournament Chess Combination (3.75 inch King)

Quality Chess sets and equipment - historical replica and ornamental Chess, Shogi, Xiang Qi, Jaques, unusual 3 player and 10 x 10 Chess sets

Buy Go / Wei Chi Boards, Tables, Bowls & Stones

Philos Go set with bowls

Best range of quality Go sets around at excellent prices. Buy a variety of Wei Chi / Go Boards, Tables, Bowls and Go Stones.

Quality & Luxury Backgammon Sets - Dal Negro Backgammon Boards

Dal Negro Skiathos Tournament Backgammon Set

Quality Backgammon sets from Dal Negro & other celebrated manufacturers. Low prices & immediate dispatch from the traditional games specialists.

Mancala & Oware games Superb African Oware Boards & Tables

Large range of genuine African Mancala games that make superb gifts. Including Oware games for children and more serious Oware tables from Ghana.

Buy Chinese Checkers. Large quality Chinese Chequers boards

Large Hexagonal Chinese Checkers (Padauk wood)

Fantastic selection of Chinese Checkers boards. Small and large Chinese Chequers - with pegs or marbles.

Scrabble. Accessories & deluxe Scrabble, excellent prices

Scrabble - Prestige Edition

Range of unusual Scrabble games and Scrabble accessories. e.g. Scrabble Deluxe, Scrabble Prestige, wooden tile Scrabble, Turntables, luxury tile racks

Solitaire - unique range of quality solitaire board games

House of Marbles Deluxe Solitaire

Range of quality Solitaire boards. From inexpensive games for children to stunning large Solitaire boards with beautiful hand-made marbles.

Ancient and Historical Board games - fantastic unique range

Ancient Egyptian Senet game (black)

Fascinating range of historical board games. High quality replicas. Fun ancient games for children. Historic period games for museums and schools

Giglio Chess Tables - High Quality Inlaid Chequerboard Tables

Square wooden Chess and Draughts Table with pieces

Superb inlaid wooden Chess tables made in Italy by Giglio, a well-established family-run company who specialise in beautiful quality marquetry work

Buy Ludo and Pachisi. Range of quality Ludo and Uckers games

Quality wooden Ludo and genuine Indian Pachisi games. We also have Uckers - grown up Ludo as played in the Navy.

Snakes & Ladders - Unique Range of Snakes & Ladders games

Snakes & Ladders Card & Linen Board Game (15 inch)

A range of quality Snakes and Ladders games. Premium wooden Snakes and Ladders and inexpensive children's versions.

Buy Compendia - Unique range of Games Compendiums

Philos Wooden Game Compendium - 35cm (10 games)

Range of quality games compendia - ideal for gifts. Traditional Compendium of games, large games compendium tables and some unusual compendia too

Buy Draughts / Checkers. Chequerboards and pieces

Dal Negro 36cm chessboard (43mm squares)

A variety of Draughts / Checkers games. We have both 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 Chequerboards and accompanying quality Draughts pieces.

Buy Fox and Geese, Asalto & other games of unequal sides

Inlaid Fox and Geese board with painted wooden animal pieces

Selection of Fox and Geese type games - a centuries old game from the middles ages. Fox and Geese is a classic medieval game of unequal sides

Buy Nine Mens Morris - Unique range of Mill / Merels board games

Range of Nine Mens Morris board games (also called Mill, Merrells, Merel). Buy quality 9 Mens Morris games all at fantastic prices.

Buy Chequerboards. Huge range of quality draughts & chess boards

10 x 10 Chequerboard (Mahogany/Maple, 2 feet square)

A range of quality Chequerboards. Chess boards in all sizes by the best names in Chess - Jaques, SAC and Dal Negro.

Halma Board Game | Hand Made Wooden Halma Set

Hand-made Halma board with wooden pawns and rules

The Victorian game of Halma - now difficult to obtain so we've commissioned our own beautiful hand made boards in inlaid wood with colourful Halma pawns

Reversi High Quality Reversi Board Games Buy Othello

Othello - Reversi - Travel Size

Reversi is an abstract strategy board game invented during the Victorian era. Buy high quality Reversi and Othello board games here.

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon, game of the hexagons, is an abstract strategic board game. The rules are easy to learn and the game is engrossing and fun for all ages.

Travel Games - Mini, Small Sized Games

Travel Mini Game of the Goose

A great range of high quality travel games. Mini, small sized versions of your favourite games to take with you wherever you go!

Surakarta Roundabouts Ancient Indonesian Board Game


Surakarta (Roundabouts) is an interesting abstract strategy game from Indonesia. A colourful game that is easy to learn but fascinating and enjoyable.

Game of the Goose - The First Commercial Board Game

Game of the Goose - Bandeja Style

The Game of the Goose holds the accolade of being the first modern commercial board game! It is a simple race game governed by the throw of dice.

Modern Strategy Games - Modern Board Games

Pylos Classic

A range of excellent modern strategy board games that are perfect for bringing friends and family together. Multi-award winning games for everyone to enjoy.

Puzzle Games - Aesthetic Quality Range of Puzzles

V-Cube Bundle - Advanced

A fantastic range of puzzle games to entertain and frustrate in equal measure. All are made to a high standard and represent great value.

Bagha Chal - Moving Tigers Game

Bagha Chal - Moving Tigers Game

Nice looking wooden Bagha Chal game. A good size, nicely decorated wooden board with rustic looking wooden playing pieces. Hand made in Spain.

Retro Games Bundle Cluedo, Risk & Twister Retro Editions

Retro Games Bundle

A bundle of three classic games. Retro editions of Cluedo, Twister and Risk at a fantastic price. Perfect for the family games night.

Cuboro Tricky Ways - Fasal Edition

Cuboro Tricky Ways - Fasal Edition

Tricky Ways, a fine abstract strategy game that utilises the excellent Cuboro marble track systems. Friendly service, low prices & quick delivery.

Board Games based on the classic TV Series - Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game

Stupdendous games based on the classic 1960s TV series, Thunderbirds, originally invented by Gerry Anderson and still in production today.


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