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Draughts / Checkers


Draughts / Checkers

For Draughts (known as Checkers in some parts of the world), we have made an effort to bring you good value quality standard draughts sets plus some International 10 x 10 draughts sets, too.

For those after a more fulfilling checkers experience, we recommend the continental 10 x 10 draughts game - there is greater scope and its the game that is usually played at international competition level.

See also: Giant Draughts / Checkers. See also: Alquerque. See also: Quadro Chess & Draughts - 4 player. See also: Chess and Draughts Piece Size Guide.


Standard 8x8 Draughts / Checkerboards


Draughts Pieces

From £10.29


10x10 Draughts / Checkerboards


Customers Also Viewed

Draughts / Checkers Pieces for 8x8 & 10x10 boards

Good quality Draughts / Checkers Pieces for 8x8 and 10x10 boards, sourced from quality companies such as Dal Negro

Dal Negro 36cm Walnut & Maple Chessboard

Dal Negro 36cm Draughts / Chess inlaid Chequerboard Board. Beautiful Chessboard with Walnut and Maplewood inlay

Philos Walnut & Maple Chessboard (35cm²)

35cm² walnut & maple inlaid chessboard board with 40mm² squares. From renowned manufacturer Philos.

Philos 40cm walnut and maple chessboard with 45mm squares

A nice Walnut and Maple chessboard from renowned manufacturer Philos. The board measures 40 x 40cm and the squares are 45mm.

Gibsons Chess and Draughts Set - Chess, Draughts & Folding Board

A good quality Chess & Draughts set by Gibsons Games. Includes wooden Chess and Draughts pieces and a folding, inlaid Chessboard. Low price, quick dispatch.

Round 3-in-1 Game Set - Chess, Draughts & Chinese Checkers

A well made 3-in-1 games set including Chess, Draughts & Chinese Checkers. Magnetic Chess pieces and other components included.

Dal Negro 35cm Chess & Nine Men's Morris Board

Dual sided Chess & Nine Men's Morris Board by Dal Negro of Italy. Quality 31 cm board. Low prices, top service & speedy delivery.

10 x 10 Draughts / Checkers 45cm Board

10 x 10 Draughts / Checkers. High quality 45cm board inlaid with 35mm squares. 32 mm contoured boxwood draught pieces.

10 x 10 Draughts / Checkers Folding Case Set (25cm)

Hard to obtain 10 x 10 Draughts / Checkers Folding Case Set, well-made from natural stained wood Set includes 40 draughts / checkers pieces


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