Frequently Asked Questions

Please can you send me a catalogue?

Which games on your site qualify as no-shortcut, out and out superb premium quality?

Can you recommend some games for a single player?


Specific Games Advice

What size and type of Bowls should I buy?

Short Mat or Carpet Bowls? Which bowls mat sport is best for your situation?

Comparison of Giant Chess Pieces

Chess and Draughts Sizing Guide

Billiards, Snooker and Pool Table Room Size Guide



What games would have been played in Medieval times or are generally thought of as "Medieval"?

What games would have been played in Georgian times or during the Industrial Revolution?

Do you have a list of Victorian Games? - Work in Progress

What games were played by the Romans - Work in Progress



What games are particularly Irish?


Zero-rating and VAT-exempt Orders

I want you to deliver my order to a UK address whereupon I will export it outside the EU. How can I avoid paying VAT?

I am placing an order for an Embassy, Consulate, NATO force or similar international organisation within the EU. How can I avoid paying VAT?

What documents are sufficient evidence for proof of export?

Orders including VAT - exempt equipment for disabled people



How do I paint a giant chequerboard on the ground?

I am designing/making a board game or some other game for my GCSE project. Can you give some advice or send some information about the products that you make?

Please can you send me your sales figures for a particular game or type of game?

You talk about specialising in High Quality games. But some of your games appear to be mass-produced and relatively inexpensive. Why is that?



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