Table-top Games

Table-top Games

We have a unique range of table-top games from classics like Bagatelle and Crokinole to smaller dexterity games like pick-up sticks and shoot-the-moon. You'll find some table-top pub games and don't forget to look at our board games and card games pages too!

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Table-Top Pub Games


Buy Mah Jong - Unique range of quality Mah Jong sets

Dal Negro Grand Mah Jong (incl. 6 joker tiles)

Excellent range of quality Mah Jong sets including bamboo & bone sets Mah Jong sets in exquisite boxes. Swift delivery and service to match.

Domino Sets - Unique Range of Double 6, 9, 12 & 15 Dominoes

Front Porch Classics Boneyard Dominoes

Wonderful range of dominoes - ideal for gifts. High quality double six dominoes, Mexican Train dominoes, & larger domino sets

Buy Bagatelle games. Unique range of pin Bagatelles

Hand-made Oak Bagatelle game with bells and plunger

Largest selection of quality wooden Pin Bagatelle games and also accessories for the old English folding Bagatelles boards

Shuffle Puck Wooden Air Hockey Game

Uber Shufflepuck

In Shuffle Puck, 2 players each have a paddle and they try to hit the puck into the opposition's net. Like air hockey but no electricity required!

Buy Sjoelbak - Dutch shuffleboard - Sjoelen

Heemskerk Folding Dutch Shuffleboard (Sjoelbak with 30 disks)

A range of Sjoelbak (Sjoelen, Dutch shuffleboard) games. Hand made Sjoelbak boards and other quality Dutch Shuffleboard games.

Crokinole boards & Crokinole accessories

Masters Crokinole Tournament Board - Beech & Walnut

Genuine full-size Crokinole boards from Canada and also the smaller boards from Jaques. Buy high quality Crokinole / Pichnotte boards and accessories.

Carrom Boards Tournament Boards From India

Uber Games Tournament Carrom

Quality Carrom boards and accessories. Buy genuine tournament-spec Carom boards imported from India.

Buy Skittles and Top game, Table Toupie, Toptafel

Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)

This Toptafel skittles game, also known as Table Toupie. Spin the top to knock over the skittles. Hand-crafted in the US from tulip poplar wood.

Puff Billiards - Billard Nicolas - Fun Table Game

Puff Billiards - Deluxe version - 4 player

Puff Billiards (Billard Nicolas). Excellent quality game with rubber puffers on metal stands. Great fun game for friends, family and parties!

Buy Cards & Playing Card Equipment |Huge Range, Low Prices

2 x Packs of Dal Negro Baccara Playing Cards (Blue and Red)

Quality playing cards, card tables and other card games equipment/accessories. Kem, COPAG, Poker, Cribbage, Blackjack, Bridge, Canasta sets, too.

Buy Bingo Sets Bingo Game Sets for Home & Events

Bingo set (75 balls, large metal cage)

Buy Bingo game sets for the home, parties & clubs. A good range of quality Bingo sets including everything you need to make your Bingo night a big success.

Pucket Disk Flicking Fun For Everyone Table Game


Pucket is the fast and frantic, incredibly fun disk flicking game for everyone. A lovely looking game that offers unrivaled entertainment.

Rollet - The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game


Rollet is a four player fast rolling ricochet game. Great fun for all ages. Requires a good eye, timing, and teamwork.

Weykick Games - Magnetic Table Football & Hockey

WeyKick Stadion Football / Soccer Game (green pitch surface)

A great selection of Weykick games. Renowned, fantastically fun games manufactured in Germany. Includes magnetised Football and Hockey games.

Pitrush - Disk Flicking Game

Pitrush - Disk Flicking Game

Pitrush is an action packed disk flicking game for the whole family to enjoy. Beautifully made board with a wonderfully smooth playing surface.

WeyKick Kubbolino - Miniature Table Top Kubb Game

WeyKick Kubbolino

A table top miniature version of Kubb. Kubbolino is great fun for all ages. Catapult the ball into your opponents pieces. Sturdy, wooden construction.

WeyKick Minigolf - Table-Top Miniature Golf Game

WeyKick Minigolf

A fun table top miniature golf game. Sturdy, large wooden design including 5 holes to play. Great fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Wooden Pinball Games | Table-Top Pinball

Wooden Pinball Game - Golf Course

Our selection of table-top, wooden Pinball games. Sturdy wooden designs with durable components. Great games for all ages to enjoy

Modern Classics & Modern Strategy Games - Board & Tabletop Games

Pylos Classic

An excellent selection of modern games hand-picked by us designed to bring friends and family together. Modern classics through to abstract strategy.

Shoot The Moon (Planets Marble Dexterity Game)

Shoot The Moon (Planets Marble Game)

Shoot the Moon is an entertaining dexterity game - manoeuvre the metal marble past the planets to Pluto. Good hand-to-eye coordination required...

Ker-Plunk & Ball Drop Games

Wooden Gold Fever Game

Children's classic dexterity game - pull out straws without causing the marbles to fall. Ker-Plunk & Cannonball Drop, a giant ball drop game

Brain Master

Brain Master - Wooden version

Superb wooden Brain Master mind game, based on the popular 'Mastermind' - a classic game of strategy and deduction

Tiddlywinks / Tiddley Winks / Tiddledywinks / Tiddly Winks

Pixie Tiddlywinks

Tiddlywinks - flip your winks into the pot using your tiddler! Tiddley winks - classic fun children's game of great skill. Quality Tiddly Winks

Tyrolean Roulette - Spinning Top Roulette

Tyrolean Roulette

Tyrolean Roulette - Spinning Top Roulette, this is an interesting game of chance for the family, 23 x 23cm approx.

Blow Football - Puff Ball

Puff Ball - Blow Football Game

Give your lungs a good working out with one of delightfully nostalgic Blow Football games. So simple to play yet undeniably entertaining.

Magnetic Fishing Games

Magnetic Fishing Game - Octopus

A good selection of magnetic fishing games for children. A favourite with children since the late 1800s, this game involves "fishing" using magnetic rods.

Knucklebones | Osselets | Bones | 5 Stones

Metal Knucklebones set

Knucklebones/ Osselets/ Bones / 5 stones is related to Jacks. Comes in a pencil case style box with sliding lid and five moulded metal stones.

Jacks game | Buy Jacks


The traditional games of Jacks. Throw and catch the metal stars. Increase your skill using the ball and other tricks...

Four In A Row - Connect 4 - Captain's Mistress Game

3D Four In A Row

A range of Connect 4 and Four In A Row table top games. Including The Captain's Mistress and Jaques Score 4.

Maze & Labyrinth Games (including Toptafel)

Labyrinth Maze game - light wood

A range of giant and standard climbing maze, labyrinth and toptafel games involving moving balls/tops through a maze of holes to score points.

Pick-up Sticks - Mikado - Jack Straws - Giant Pick Up Sticks

Giant Pick up Sticks

Mikado - range of engrossing pick-up stick games of skill and dexterity. Giant Pick-up Sticks & Jack Straws. Swift dispatch, excellent service

Tile games Mah Jong Dominoes Carcassonne Dice Games

Philos Wooden Mah Jong set with wooden tiles

Range of quality Mah Jong sets, a variety of Domino sets including Mexican Train Dominoes, dice and other tile games

Jenga - Table Tumble Towers - Topple Tower


A great range of Table Top Tumble Tower games, including the original Jenga and high quality variations and contemporary alternatives.

Tabletop Climbing Maze

Table-top Climbing Maze

The tabletop Climbing Maze involves moving a ball up the side of a wall full of holes, trying to avoid the holes in order to reach the destination.

Bridget - Bridge Building Strategy Race Game


Bridget, the World's No. 1 Bridge Building Strategy Game. Battle to cross the board. Strategy and skill essential to bridge the gap and win the game.

Mini Shuffleboard Table Game

Mini Shuffleboard Table Game

A mini sized wooden table shuffleboard game. Sturdy wooden board with 6 pucks included. Good fun two player game.

Push It - Disk Flicking Game Similar to Squails & Crokinole

Push It Game

Push It, a quick skill game that can be played anywhere. Push or flick your pucks trying to land them closest to the jack. Similar to Squails & Crokinole.

Subbuteo - Team Edition - Football Game


It's back and better than ever! Subbuteo, the classic finger flicking football game now with improved strong flexible players & upgraded pitch.

Mini Skittle Alley Miniature 10 Pin bowling

Uber Mini Skittle Alley

A fantastic mini skittle alley. A fun miniature 10 pin bowling game for the home. Great fun for all ages at a fantastic price. Quick dispatch guaranteed.

Puzzle Games - Aesthetic Quality Range of Puzzles

V-Cube Bundle - Advanced

A fantastic range of puzzle games to entertain and frustrate in equal measure. All are made to a high standard and represent great value.

Dice, Dice Trays & Dice Games | Crown & Anchor | Shut the Box

Front Porch Classics Liar's Dice

Large range of dice games and equipment including, Shut The Box, Crown & Anchor, Liar's Dice, Giant dice, Precision Dice and beautiful Dice Trays.

Cuboro Babel Pico - Fasal Edition - Tower Game

Cuboro Babel Pico - Fasal Edition

From Cuboro, Babel Pico is a strategic construction game. Who can stop the construction of the tower? Buy now from the traditional games specialist.

Table Skittles - Bar Skittles - Devil Amongst the Tailors

Hand-made Oak League-size Bar Skittles (table skittles)

Range of high quality hand-made Table Skittles for pubs and coinnosseurs & smaller Bar Skittles for the home and family. Spare parts also available

Quality Shove Ha'penny Boards. Best range and prices.

Hand-made Mahogany Tournament Shove Ha'Penny Board

A variety of quality Shove Ha'penny boards from Slate, Mahogany or Oak. Boards for play at home and spare half penny coins. Made in Britain.

Buy Indoor Pub Quoits (Step Quoits)

Masters Pub Quoits board with 4 rubber Pub quoits

This sturdy version of indoor Pub quoits, also known as Evesham Quoits or Step Quoits, can be played by serious leagues or just for fun at parties.

Drakes Pride Table Bowls | 2 inch and 2 & 1/4 inch Table Bowls

Table Bowls - 2 inch set. 4 pairs with jack and hardwood chute

Drakes Pride Table Bowls. A skilful pub game for two players, designed to be played on a billiards table or other flat surface, two sizes available


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