Go Stones


Go Stones

Masters Games recommends avoiding plastic stones, if possible. You can play the game with them but you'll miss the experience!

All Go stones on this page, unless otherwise stated, are the standard size for Japanese equipment - around 21.5 - 22mm diameter and convex on both sides. There should be approximately 180 stones of each colour in each set. All decent sets have slightly bigger black stones than white.

We have sets of stones to suit most budgets and requirements, from glass stones to authentic clamshell and slate sets.


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Yunzi Go Stones - Bi-convex go stones made from compressed stone

Yunzi Go Stones

Yunzi Go stones made from compressed stone. Bi-convex and 9mm thick. Authentic Yunzi stones for the discerning Go player.

Glass Go Stones | Range of Sizes Available

Glass Go Stones (8mm) in cardboard box

Glass Go stones for the game of Go. Range of different sized glass stones, all good quality at low prices. Reliable, friendly service & immediate dispatch.

Clamshell & Slate Go Stones | Genuine Go Stones

Kurokigoishiten Blue Label Clamshell & Slate Go Stones - 8mm

Genuine & affordable Clamshell & Slate Go stones, made from Mexican clamshell & Japanese slate. Buy now from the UK's Go specialist.


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