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Top 10 Wedding Games


Top 10 Wedding Games

Games are a great way to enhance any wedding reception. They can be the ideal ice-breaker, a great way for guests to get to know one another and also a surefire way of keeping children and younger invitees entertained. During the summer months, garden games are the perfect match for an outdoor drinks reception - and many can be moved indoors if the weather turns. For a winter wedding, most giant games can also be set up and played indoors (space permitting) so the fun can continue whatever the weather.

Looking for the best games to enhance your wedding reception? Here's our pick of the top 10 wedding games.


Giant Tumble Tower Giant Tumble Tower

The classic tumble tower in a giant size is always a crowd pleaser. Simple rules (who doesn't know how to play Jenga?), plenty of players and lots of fun, a giant tumble tower is the ideal wedding game and it can be played both outdoors and inside. It's also a real eye-catcher (standing at approximately 1 metre high) meaning fun loving guests will usually gravitate towards it.

Giant Chess Giant Chess

Perhaps chess isn't the first game that springs to mind when planning wedding entertainment, but giant chess easily makes our rundown for plenty of reasons. Firstly, it's a beautiful centerpiece and looks the part in any outdoor setting. But more importantly, the giant pieces are so much fun to play with! Both children and adults love to get involved and battle it out on the giant checkerboard, moving with their pieces across the squares. Also, giant chess is certainly not just a game for 2 players like standard chess, large groups can play together and it's good fun for a wide range of ages.

Giant 4-in-a-Row Giant 4-in-a-Row

A large, colourful, giant 4-in-a-row is the perfect wedding game for children - although they may require some assistance from taller guests. We also have a couple of wooden versions which have a more 'grown-up' feel as there's no reason why adults can't get join in and play as well. Easy to set-up and play, the games also stand out and attract players.

Limbo Limbo

The ultimate party game - especially after a few drinks! Always hilarious and very inclusive, Limbo works best once guests have loosened up a little (literally!). It's worth noting that the game does typically need some organisation or someone to oversee the events, but that shouldn't put you off! How low can you go?

Cornhole Cornhole

Cornhole is BIG in America, and it's fast gaining in popularity over here too - and it's no real surprise why. It always brings out some friendly competition and is a great, simple game for groups of guests. Split into teams and take turns tossing the cornbags onto the cornboards, with a point scored for landing on the board itself and 3 points for getting it into the hole. It's basic garden fun and sometimes that's all you need for a top wedding game.

Boule / Petanque Boule / Petanque

Another classic that most people have played before, Boule or Petanque can be played in singles or groups and all it requires is a flat(ish) patch of ground. It's an inclusive game for most ages to enjoy and we even have soft boule versions for children and indoor venues.

Quoits Quoits

Put your guest's throwing accuracy to the test with a game of garden quoits. Toss the quoits (typically rope rings) onto the numbered stakes to score points. Again, a simple game for groups that can simply be left around the venue for people to pick and play when they feel like a game - and it doesn't break the bank either.

Skittles Skittles

Skittles is a real classic and a game that works very well at an outdoor venue. We have a huge range of garden skittle games and numerous variations from around the world, such as Molkky and Kubb, for your guests to enjoy. Some take a little more setting up and explaining than others, but most people know how to play some form of skittles. It's a excellent game for getting groups of guests to play together and firing up some friendly competition.

Croquet Croquet

Quintessentially British and the perfect match for a glass of Pimm's and a summers day wedding. Croquet certainly takes a bit of organisation and set-up, but guests will love having a go and it caters very well for large groups. Croquet sets can be expensive, but if you have the budget and space, it can be excellent wedding entertainment.

Twister Twister

And last, but by no means least, the ultimate ice breaker sees guests getting tangled up and in a bit of a twist. Twister, and the giant Get Knotted, are cracking party games and perfect for guests who are willing to get up close and personal with one another. Always hilarious and as much fun to watch as it is to play, why not twist again on your wedding day?

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