Garden Skittles, Kubb & Molkky

Garden Skittles, Kubb & Molkky

A broad selection of garden skittles games to suit all tastes, ages, scenarios and budgets. From more traditional nine pin Skittles sets to popular Scandinavian versions - such as Kubb and Molkky - all of these games provide excellent garden entertainment for friends and family.

Garden Skittles, Kubb & Molkky

Garden Games Garden Skittles Set - 9 Skittles


Classic traditional skittles game for the back garden

Uber Skittles (9 Skittles)


9 pin skittle set with 2 wooden balls

Uber Wooden Garden Skittles Set - 10 Skittles

Currently unavailable

Non-traditional garden skittles with 10 pins


From 24.49

Brilliant Swedish game - cross between skittles and tennis



From 24.49

Several versions of this traditional Skittles game from Finland

Tournament of Knights


A game similar to Kubb but better for children

Hit 360 Skittles Game


Similar to Molkky but with a 360 degrees playing field

Ball Throwing Target Game


A simple skittles variation for children that replaces skittle pins with wooden targets


Pub and Indoor Skittles

Don't forget our large selection of genuine pub skittle pins and balls as well as classic indoor skittles games...


Related Products

Garden Skittles Set | 9 Skittle Set in Canvas Bag

Skittles Pack - with Balls, Rules and Canvas Bag

The pins in this set of 9 garden skittles are made of hardwood, beautifully polished to give a quality finish. Comes in a smart drawstring canvas bag.

Buy Garden Skittles - 10 wooden pins & 3 balls with canvas bag

Uber Garden Skittles (10 Pins plus a red-topped Kingpin)

The pins in this set of 10 Garden Skittles are crafted from quality, polished Indian hardwood. Comes in a canvas bag with 3 wooden balls. Free UK delivery.

Molkky Game - Smite - Scattles - Number Skittles Games

Molkky in wooden crate

Molkky games, Smite & Scattles to buy. Traditional skittles game from Finland, now popular all over the world. Throw sticks at the numbered skittle pins.

Buy Kubb Sets - Swedish Skittles Game - Outdoor Kubb Skittles

Bex Kubb Family -  Birchwood

A great range of Kubb games. Kubb is a fun traditional skittles game from Sweden. Inexpensive basic Kubb games through to Pro Kubb sets

Buy Tournament of Knights Game - Fun Garden Game

Tournament of Knights game

Tournament of Knights is a great outdoor game, similar to Kubb. Fun for all ages and guaranteed to entertain. Excellent service and quick dispatch.

Uber Skittles Set | 9 Pins plus a red-topped Kingpin

Uber Skittles (9 Pins plus a red-topped Kingpin)

Bring the fun of skittles to your home! This is an excellent value wooden skittles set; it comes with 9 hardwood skittles and two wooden balls.

Hit 360 Skittles Game

Hit 360 Skittles Game

A fun outdoor skittles game, similar to Molkky but with a 360 degrees playing field. Hit 360 is great fun for the whole family.

Ball Throwing Target Game | Children's Skittles Game

Ball Throwing Target Game

A fun skittles type game for children. The ball throwing target game tests accuracy as players try to knock down the wooden targets with the provided balls.

Nine Pin Skittles - balls & skittle pins for pubs and leagues

Pub Skittles

Largest range of traditional nine pin pub skittles and balls. All sizes and styles of pub skittles at sensible prices swiftly dispatched

Table Skittles - Bar Skittles - Devil Amongst the Tailors

Hand-made Oak League-size Bar Skittles (table skittles)

Range of high quality hand-made Table Skittles for pubs and coinnosseurs & smaller Bar Skittles for the home and family. Spare parts also available

Indoor Skittles & Toy Skittle Games

Skittles Pack - with Balls, Rules and Canvas Bag

Fantistic fun skittle games for indoors and the home. Quality children's toy skittles games like ''knock the soldiers down'.

Buy Skittles and Top game, Table Toupie, Toptafel

Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)

This Toptafel skittles game, also known as Table Toupie. Spin the top to knock over the skittles. Hand-crafted in the US from tulip poplar wood.


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