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Skittle Balls


Skittle Balls

Serious skittlers have for centuries, preferred to use balls made from the traditional wood, Lignum Vitae, a tropical hardwood which is extremely hard, very heavy and also self-lubricating. But this tropical hardwood is increasingly difficult to obtain and many leagues are having to try new materials for their skittle balls.

Some leagues prefer hard rubber which takes longer to wear out the pins and is more environmentally friendly. The rubber balls we sell are pink to reduce marking of the alley.

As an alternative to Lignum, we have balls made from a black phenol resin composite. These are similar to the material used to make modern lawn bowls - the weight and density are deliberately similar to Lignum Vitae. They have been used by serious pubs and league players successfully for years.

If you aren't sure what size ball you need, please see our skittle ball size guide.


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Guide to Skittle ball sizes

A guide to choosing which size of skittle ball should be used for different sizes and styles of skittle pins

Premium Phenolic Resin Composition Skittle Balls | Made in UK

Premium, UK made Skittle balls made from long lasting phenolic resin composition material. Similar weight & density to Lignum. Range of sizes available.

Hard Pink Rubber Skittle balls (4.5 or 5 inch)

Hard pink rubber skittles balls. Heavy solid rubber balls that will last and should not damage the alley or the pins as much as wooden or resin balls

Economy Phenolic Resin Composition Skittle balls | 4 & 4.5 inch

Skittle balls made from a long lasting Phenolic Resin Composition material. Similar weight & density to Lignum. 4" - 4.75" sizes.


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