Club Portable Skittle Alley

A permanent skittle alley is not always a feasible option especially for outdoor venues or sites with space restrictions. For community halls, leisure centres, sports halls, hotels, school fairs, fetes and the like, a portable skittle alley is usually a better idea.

Masters Traditional Games brings you a quality portable skittle alley to cater for commercial or club requirements.

Standard Portable Skittle Alley
Standard Portable Skittle Alley

Alley shown with Bristol style pins.

These Skittle Alleys are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come in 6ft sections making them portable and transportable in most estate cars as well as vans. They can be easily assembled in as little as 10 minutes by just one man, and are dismantled just as quickly. They can also be stored in a small space when not in use.

The Standard Portable Skittle Alley measures approximately 30' long by 3'6" wide, including the return gully (being sectional they can be made shorter if available space dictates). The ball / skittle catch area is protected with a foam buffer to reduce the noise level. These Skittle Alleys are designed for commercial use and are ideal for pubs, clubs, schools, village halls and leisure hire companies.

This alley comes with a ball return down the whole side of the alley that allows balls to be conveniently rolled back to the throwing point. As pictured.

Each Alley is supplied with 3 x 4" resin bowling balls and 9 x 10" x 4" hardwood pins. By default pins are Gloucester style which we feel work better but you can choose Bristol style if you prefer (let us know when you order).

The skittle alley is made from exterior ply that has been treated with wood-stain to ensure it's weatherproof and hard-wearing and requires only minor maintenance. As with many outdoor games it is meant to be played outdoors but not stored outdoors in all weathers; our general advice for this sort of thing is treat as you would a lawn-mower or a push-bike, i.e. it's fine if they're caught in a shower or used in hot sun but after use, wipe them down and store them properly.

Note that portable alleys are not as wide as permanent alleys of the sort found in pubs and community centres and the pin diamond on this alley is not large enough to allow a 'through ball'. For these reasons, this portable alley is unlikely to be appropriate for serious skittle leagues. Please consult your league regulations for more information.

Club Portable Skittle Alley 30ft x 3ft - with return gulley, pins & balls

To order, or for a quote, ring or Email with address & zip/postcode.

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For most locations in South Wales and England South of Birmingham, delivery is included in the price. For other areas and overseas, please email us giving your full address and we will get back to you with a quote. Lead time is normally 3 or 4 weeks but in peak season from June - Aug, lead times increase up to around 6 weeks.

If you have a custom requirement for a different length or width of alley, please email us with details and we can provide you with a quote.











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