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FAQ - Room Size Guide for Billiards, Snooker and Pool Tables

When purchasing a Snooker or Pool table it is most important to first check the size of the room it is to be situated in.

Draw a plan of the room and measure it at its nearest points. Do not measure into bay windows or to the recesses of a fireplace. All large furniture should be outside the measurements shown below.

There is no advantage to positioning a table diagonally in a room as the corner pockets are brought closer to the walls. If a floor is of normal sound construction, it will usually carry the weight of a full size table without special strengthening.

Snooker Table Size

Table Size Minimum Room Size Guide Weight Recommended Cue Length
Full Size
12ft x 6 ft 1.5"
3.65m x 1.86m Sectional slate bed
22ft x 16ft (6.70m x 4.88m) 25cwt.(1270kg.) 4ft 10" (147cm)
10ft x 5ft 1.5"
3.05m x 1.56m Sectional slate bed.
20ft x 15ft ( 6.1m x 4.57m) 17cwt. (860kg) 4ft 10" (147cm)
9ft x 4ft 7.5"
2.74m x 1.49m Sectional slate bed.
19ft x 14ft (5.79m x 4.26m) 14cwt. (710kg) 4ft 10" (147cm)
8ft x 4ft
2.43m x 1.21 Single piece slate bed 850lb (385kg)
2.43 m x 1.26m Sectional slate bed.
17ft x 13ft (5.18m x 3.94m) Single slate 850lb (385kg)
Sectional slate 12cwt. (610kg)
4ft 6" (137cm)
7ft x 3ft 6"
2.13m x 1.06m Single piece slate bed.
16ft x 12ft 6" (4.87m x 3.81m) 450lb (205kg) 4ft 6" (137cm)
6ft x 3ft
1.83m x 0.914m Single piece slate bed.
15ft x 12ft ( 4.57m x 3.65m) 375lb (170kg) 4ft 6" (137cm)


NB The 'size' of a table refers to the slate bed size and is different from the actual playing surface and different again to the outer dimensions of a table. For instance, for an 8 foot table:

  • Actual Playing Surface is 7ft,8inches x 3ft,8inches
  • Room taken up on floor is 8ft 6 x 4 ft 6. (260 x 138cm)
  • Height is 32inch but could vary by ½inch when levelling table (81.3cm give or take 1cm)

For delivery into a room with limited space/access, the longest piece of table is typically 7ft 4 long x 8” wide depending on style of table. That's 224 x 21cm.

Pool Table Size

Table Size Minimum Room Size Guide Weight Recommended Cue Length
8ft x 4ft 6" 17ft x 13ft 6" (5.18m x 4.12m) 990lb (450kg) 4ft 6"(137cm)
7ft x 4ft 16ft x 13ft ( 4.88m x 3.96m) 705lb (320kg) 4ft 6" (137cm)
6ft x 4ft 15 ft x 13ft (4.57m x 3.96m) 574lb (280kg) 4ft 6" (137cm)


The dimensions given above are the ideal minimum - this will mean you can cue comfortably in all situations with a bit of leeway. If your room is slightly smaller then it's not necessarily a show-stopper. Our guidelines have a bit of leeway and if you don't take the game too seriously and it's just for fun, you can get away with a bit less.

For instance, if you are prepared to put up with the occasional awkward shot, you could probably deduct 2 feet off each dimension. Where the shot is just a bit awkward, you can either cue at a higher angle or buy a shorter cue for use in restricted situations...

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