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Official rules for Traditional Games


Official rules for Traditional Games

The free rules provided by Masters Games are for "friendly" play only and do not constitute any kind of formal authority. For many traditional games, this is about the best that can be achieved because sports like Quoits, Skittles and Fives have never developed formal rules beyond those laid down by local leagues or individual pubs and societies.

However, a number of traditional games have developed fully fledged global amateur and sometimes professional organisations who, by their very nature, aim to regulate the pastime in question. In the cases of games such as these, there is little point in Masters Games writing up unofficial rules when generally accepted official rules are readily available on the Internet. For cases like these, the following table is maintained.

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Carpet Bowls



Lawn Tennis

Table Tennis

Eight Ball Pool (US version)

Eight Ball Pool (UK version)

Nine Ball Pool

14:1 Continuous Pool

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