Black/Brown Carpet Bowls

Black/Brown Carpet Bowls

Set of 4 Drakes Pride biased Carpet Bowls (two pairs)Set of 4 Drakes Pride biased Carpet Bowls (two pairs)
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Set of 4 Drakes Pride biased Carpet Bowls (two pairs)

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Made in Britain

Dedicated bowls for the game of Carpet bowls played on a 30 foot carpet with an extra bias required for the shorter length.

Many people assume that Carpet Bowls is a frivolous activity but the game is as serious as any with leagues, national competitions and a passionate following. Dedicated competitors will prefer a set manufactured by Drakes Pride, for decades the leading name in bowls equipment.

The diameter of the bowls is 3 & 7/8 inch (9.8cm) and they have an extra bias for the shorter length (30 feet) mats that the game is played on.

See also: Drakes Pride Coloured Carpet Bowls - Set of 4 (2 pairs). See also: Drakes Pride Carpet Bowls Starter Kit.

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