Marble Games


Marble Games

All of these games are played using marbles. We know there are people out there who love all things marbles, so we thought we'd put them all in one place. When you're playing with marbles, enjoy that fact that ancient Egyptian children were doing just the same 4000 years ago...


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Buy Chinese Checkers - Good Quality Chinese Chequers Games

Large Hexagonal Chinese Checkers (Padauk wood)

Fantastic selection of Chinese Checkers boards. Small and large Chinese Chequers games - with pegs or marbles. Low prices, 5 star service.

Buy Bagatelle Games - Unique Range of Pin Bagatelles

Hand-made Oak Bagatelle game with bells and plunger

Our range of quality wooden Pin Bagatelle games & accessories for old English folding Bagatelles boards. Buy now from the traditional games specialist.

Tub of 50 Marbles

Tub of 50 Marbles

Tub of 50 Marbles including dice and rules for various marble games. From the House of Marbles, the world's premier marble manufacturer

Triangular Marble Games Pack - 20 Marble Games in 1

Marble Games Pack - 20 assorted games with an archboard

Pack of 20 traditional marble games. Includes booklet on all the best marble games, an archboard, dice, drawstring bag & loads of beautiful marbles.

Solitaire - unique range of quality solitaire board games

Large Handmade Oak Solitaire - Assorted Marbles

Range of quality Solitaire boards. From inexpensive games for children to stunning large Solitaire boards with beautiful hand-made marbles.

Tyrolean Roulette - Spinning Top Roulette

Tyrolean Roulette

Tyrolean Roulette - Spinning Top Roulette, this is an interesting game of chance for the family, 23 x 23cm approx.

Marble Mania Compendium | Marble Games Box by House of Marbles

Marble Mania Compendium

From House of Marbles, a sparkly box of marble fun with three board games, 25 colourful marbles & a book. Great marble compendium at a low price.

Cuboro Marble Track Systems - Wooden Marble Runs

Cuboro Cugolino (37 piece base set)

Beautiful, high quality, Swiss made wooden marble runs. The Cuboro marble track systems are provide enjoyable challenges and are fully customisable.

Wooden Pinball Games | Table-Top Pinball

Under the Sea Themed Pinball Game

Our selection of table-top, wooden Pinball games. Sturdy wooden designs with durable components. Great games for all ages to enjoy

197 Piece Mechanical Marble Run - by House of Marbles

197 Piece Mechanical Marble Run

A marvellous 197-piece mechanical marble run. Filled with plenty of twists & turns and much excitement, an excellent marble run for ages 8+

Wooden Marble Runs by Varis Toys

Varis Marble Run - Basic Set, 33 Parts

High quality wooden marble track runs by Varis Toys. Starter sets & expansion kits, similar to Cuboro. Low prices, top service & quick delivery.

Mega Maborun Marble Run - 236 pieces

Mega Maborun Marble Run - 236 pieces

The 236 piece Mega Maborun marble run. Build an exciting marble track with plenty of twists & turns. Low price, top service & quick delivery,


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