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Antique / Second-hand Games - T&Cs


Antique / Second-hand Games - T&Cs

Masters Traditional Games provides a service to advertise old and antique table and games, helping to put buyers in touch with sellers for a very reasonable fee.

If you have an old skittles table, Bar Billiards table, snooker table or perhaps an antique chess set that you need to get rid of, why not try advertising it on this page. It's no sale, no fee so there's nothing to lose.

You could try selling the item on Ebay, but the trouble is that you are unlikely to find a good buyer when trying to sell an expensive or unusual item over a short period. If you're not in a rush, you are more likely to find a buyer who will pay a good price by advertising over a longer term such as 6 months.

As many people already visit Masters Traditional Games searching for games like Bar Billiards, Skittles and Pool tables, some will also inevitably find second-hand or antique examples of these items attractive, too...

See also: Pub Games.

Summary of the Service

  • Fee is 15% of sale cost + VAT. We only take on tables worth at least £1000.
  • No sale, no fee.
  • You must provide decent pictures and a description.
  • You are responsible for arranging shipping/collection with the buyer (we might be able to assist in some cases).
  • We can assist with taking payment or provide an Escrow service, if required.

The Process

  • You send us pictures and description of your item and we post on our website. Buyer contacts us and a price is agreed. A price for delivery or collection arrangements are also agreed.
  • If the buyer is collecting, we put buyer in touch with seller. In this case, cash is normally paid directly to the seller, in which case we invoice you afterwards for our commission.
  • If the buyer is paying for you to deliver directly, we normally take payment up front and then you arrange the delivery with the buyer. Once the delivery is made we pay you the amount received minus our commission. If the buyer refuses to accept delivery when they've seen the table and this is not due to a misrepresentation of the goods by you, we refund them the amount paid minus the cost of delivery.
  • If the buyer is paying for a courier to deliver the item, then we take payment up front and then you arrange to pack and send the item. We may be able to help with a courier if required. Once delivery is made, we pay you the amount received minus our commission and minus courier costs incurred by us, if any.

For more information or to submit your pictures and description, please contact us.

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